Sunday, March 23, 2014


Having observed Pagakergnor Karen's people of Muangnoi Village, Pai,Mae Hongson,we found out that their today's dressing style has become a combination of Western clothes in place of their traditional tribe's costumes. The reason to this is most likely that the clothes they wear today were donated from the USA, Canada and other industrialized Western countries. It is thus inevitable that they cannot always find each and every single piece of clothes to fit their sizes,age,or genders. Oftentimes we see men wear pieces of women's clothes,girls put on some pieces of bo' clothes,and all the likes. This has become an alternative style that reflects the true functionality rather than a sheer aesthetic aspect of dressing. It is even clearly noticeable in children who wear bigger or looser clothes,sometimes inside out or simply put on adult's clothes. They have easy ways to solve problem. To make those of clothes fit their sizes and needs,they unconventionally tie,knot,cut,roll up of their dresses. This can be observed especially in the cold season when they have to put on more pieces of clothes. problems

shooting by MAYA